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09 Dec 2021

Source: 熊梓淇 (weibo) ~ Tati
冬季来临,大家一定要注意保暖,同时让我们一起支持微博温暖季公益项目#穿越风雪拥抱你# ,关注偏远山区儿童、寒冬中仍坚持在户外工作岗位的劳动者,为他们送去温暖。@微公益@微博明星@微博共益计划 ​​​​

As winter approaches, it is important to keep warm, and let’s support the Weibo Warmth Season charity project #HugYouThroughTheSnow to bring warmth to children in remote mountainous areas and workers who are still working outdoors in the cold winter. @MicroCause @WeiboStar @WeiboCoBenefits

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