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06 Oct 2022

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Post: 我成長為自己的樣子。



I grew up to be who I am.

Super Q-tip photo of Hongzheng Luo revealed! He became “Scar” at the age of two when he hit a dog cage
Hongzheng Luo became “Scar” at the age of 2. His mother discovered his creativity through his troublemaking behaviour

When he was two years old, he ran around the pet shop and accidentally hit a dog cage, leaving a big scar on his face. He also went diving in a swimming pool, but he almost had a concussion because the water was too shallow and the impact was too strong.
When he was in primary school, he used to imitate his social studies teacher, whether it was his rhythm of speech, his walking style, or the way he liked to fold his books in half and read them with one hand, with his left hand behind his back, and then he would always turn his wrist from back to front three times before he wanted to look at his watch. It was only when we were talking about future studies that his mother mentioned that the teacher had called to say that she hoped your son would not do that. After his debut in the boy band, and even during the ups and downs of his acting career, Luo’s mother was always there to support her son and encourage him to make the most of his talent, watching every interview he did.
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