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24 Oct 2022

Source: 赵志伟_Eden (weibo)
Post: #写给十年后的自己 #我和新时代有个约 十年之前我有个约定,不知道还有多少人记得,也许十年是一个期限,但是我总是保持初心勇敢真诚,我希望下个十年,我能再次迸发出新的能量,拥有更强大的内心,有播种的收获,有更加珍惜生命的美好瞬间的心

#Writingtomyselfintenyears #IhaveanappointmentwithNewAge
Ten years ago I had a promise, I don’t know how many people still remember it, maybe ten years is an expiry date, but I always keep my original heart brave and sincere, I hope that in the next ten years I can burst out again with new energy, with a stronger heart, with a sown harvest, with a heart that cherishes more the beautiful moments of life
~ Tati

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