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26 Oct 2022

Source: 罗宏正_Wes (weibo)
Post: 关于破相以及脸谱的细节还有很多,线条、颜色、分布等等都有着不同的故事与原由,也不是全部的角色粉墨时均须,通常是敬畏英灵,无意冒犯的逻辑。

#霜降 #吃锅 #冬天来了

There are many more details about the broken faces as well as the faces, the lines, the colours, the distribution and so on all have different stories and origins, and not all of the characters are evenly bearded when they are powdered, usually in reverence to the spirits and with no intention of offending the logic.

Yesterday ‘frostfall’, the last festival of autumn, is probably the time of the year when the temperature difference between day and night is the greatest, and the transition from autumn to winter.
After frostfall does that also mean it’s time to start the winter pot-eating season!
#Frostbite #Eatthepot #Winteriscoming
~ Tati

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