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12 Jul 2023

Source: 陈向熙Teddy (weibo)
Post: 沈澱了一陣子,還是覺得很不捨🥲
After a while, I still feel very sad 🥲
It’s over. It’s really over.
It’s really time to say goodbye, Vito.
I’m not good at writing these words, I always think it’s too much 😂 but I still want to say something.
Although I joined the Happiness family late, I’ve been with you all for half a year now and I’m really happy to have met you all, really.
Thank you for taking care of me during this period of time. I’m also very grateful for this opportunity to join this family and become a Vito, from the beginning of the unit role, to the end of this journey with you silently, thank you for your guidance, really let me learn a lot.
Goodbye, Vito.
Though there’s no such thing as a banquet, WL will always be here ❤️
~ Tati

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