// Wang Yi Lun (Riley) Drama update
11 Aug 2023

Source: 王以纶RileyKing (weibo)
Post: #少女闯江湖官宣 护苍生也护一人, 做最长情的骑士. 用爱战胜阴霾, 看慕冰河闯出一片全新的江湖. #少女闯江湖插画江湖版海报 #少女闯江湖 ​​​
#EggAndStoneofficialannouncement Protecting the world and one person, being the longest-loving knight. Overcome the darkness with love, and watch Mu Binghe break into a new world. #EggAndStoneIllustratedJianghuEditionPoster #EggAndStone
~ Tati

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