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19 Aug 2023

Source: 羅宏正 Wes (weibo)
Post: 這個89不是你想的89,健康鐵人5遠3,有3就👌,代謝不好就容易衍生問題喔,趁這周假日量一量吧,這個代謝症候群已經比癌可怕了,除非你是尷尬癌,也請暫停發作幫幫你身邊愛的人一起量一量吧!有哪些5遠哪些3可以搜尋「量腰」,參加活動還可以抽禮券喔!
This 89 is not what you think 89, healthy iron man 5 far 3, there are 3 on 👌, bad metabolism is easy to derive problems Oh, take advantage of this week’s holiday to measure a measure, this metabolic syndrome is already more terrible than cancer, unless you are embarrassed cancer, also please pause to help your loved ones around the measurement of a measure together! You can search for “Waist Measurement” and participate in the activity to draw gift certificates!
~ Tati

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