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19 Aug 2023

Source: coser小梦 (weibo)
Post: “如果小哥穿上了汉服……会是什么样子?”
#八一七稻米节 #山湖共语又一程 #817稻米节
“If Little Brother wore a hanbok …… What would it look like?”
Another year 8.17 rice festival, in addition to the usual participation in the annual offline rice festival activities and is to prepare a congratulatory picture for everyone, before also shot a lot of versions of the little brother Zhang Qiling, just this set of unicorn elements of the round-necked robes, why not this year to a Chinese version of the little brother!
Photography: Heavy Rain
Director: Ding Lun
Co-worker: Choi Choi
#RiceFestivalonAugust17th2008 #AnotherJourneyTogetherintheMountainsandLakes #817RiceFestival
~ Tati

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