// Feng Jian Yu finished filming
24 Aug 2023

Source: 冯建宇DTX (weibo)
Post: #欢迎来到麦乐村杀青 他们平凡又不凡,他们渺小又伟大,他们相聚在麦乐村,带来一个个有笑有泪的故事!与林湘的故事暂告一段落,希望 #欢迎来到麦乐村 早日开播! ​​​
#WelcomeToMileVillagekillgreen (a step in the processing of tea leaves) They are ordinary and extraordinary, they are small and great, they meet in Mai Lok Village and bring a story with laughter and tears! The story with Christina Lin has come to an end for the time being, I hope #WelcomeToMileVillage Early start!
~ Tati

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