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09 Sep 2023

Source: 马振桓Evan (weibo)
Post: 最近天没有之前热了,这个难忘的夏天快结束了。这几个月我经历得事情让我感觉到我的成长。我希望大家的暑假也过的很棒。
还有…我正在研究-ing怎么让大家多看到我或我的一些自己做的作品。请期待也谢谢大家一直对我的支持和关心 ​​​
An unforgettable summer draws to a close as the days get just a bit colder. My experiences these past few months have been memorable, but more importantly, have made me more mature and wiser. I hope everybody had a wonderful summer as well.
Also, I am currently looking into ways to show you all more sides of me, including a few projects I’m working on. Thank you all for your continued support and I hope you look forward to the future as much as I do.
~ Tati

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