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15 Sep 2023

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Post: 2018年年底有幸认识作者@张嘉佳
五年之后 ,@电影云边有个小卖部 拍摄完成
体会着他的喜 怒 哀 乐
期待刘十三和大家在银幕相见! ​​​
I had the honour of meeting author @ZhangJiajia at the end of 2018
Through the book version of “There’s a kiosk by the clouds”, I entered the story of Liu XIII.
Five years later, the film “There’s a Commissary by the Clouds” was completed.
I was lucky to spend 74 days in Yunbian Town as Liu XIII.
I experienced his joy, anger, sadness and happiness.
I felt the mountains and the sea in his heart.
Today, we have to say goodbye to Liu Thirteen.
I’m sad to see him go, but I’m looking forward to it.
I’m looking forward to seeing Liu XIII on the screen!
~ Tati

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