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15 Sep 2023

Source: 赵志伟_Eden (weibo)
Post: 《前夜》收官了,彼时刚到上海的周应群一定没有想到,未来他会在酒吧加入一个叫“上海三剑客”的组织,更不会想到再次相见会在7年后的锦州。
老周啊,平行时空里的你应该找到了一直追寻的答案了吧,那你也一定看到了他们说的那个世界了吧! #电视剧前夜
《The Eve》The finale, he just arrived in Shanghai, Zhou Yingqun must not have thought that in the future he will be in the bar to join an organisation called the “Shanghai Three Musketeers”, not to mention that we will meet again in Jinzhou seven years later.
At the beginning of the story he saved people, send boat tickets …… is for the brotherhood and righteousness. He has been paranoid and lost, but at the end of the story, he still did not forget the brotherhood and righteousness.
A lighter, a wine pot, embellished his short life, the son of a general shining lintel now seems to have become a shackle, and he is just heartbroken about his father’s old age …….
Along the way, every choice he made was a difficult and desperate one, pushed all the way by the torrent of the times and forced to go forward, the final moment, he decided to get his conscience back ……
Lao Zhou ah, parallel space and time you should have found the answer that you have been chasing, then you must have seen the world they say! #DramaTheEve
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