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01 Oct 2023

Source: 罗宏正_Wes (weibo)
Post: 今天斷得突然就沒說到晚安了,比較暗是因爲我在做些暗場功課,也表示近期準備拍戲了,也代表直播結束就不明日預告了,也就是說斷斷續續的直播會起起伏伏陰晴圓缺了,那中秋一起銷毁月餅吧,服裝要求黑、白、黃,雖說自由心證也別忘了相由心生,沒得烤懶得聚我就邊的有緣人,09291929,別打,不然真的不能怪別人 。

Today, the break suddenly did not say good night, relatively dark is because I am doing some dark field homework, but also said that the recent preparations for filming, but also on behalf of the end of the live broadcast will not be tomorrow’s preview, that is to say that intermittent live broadcasts will be ups and downs yin and ying and yin and yin and yin and yin and yin, that the Mid-Autumn Festival together with the destruction of the mooncake it, the dress requirements of the black, white, and yellow, although it is said to be free of the heart of the certificate should not forget the phase by the heart of the birth of the heart, not to bake and lazily gathered on the side of the fates of the person I, 09291929, don’t play or else you can’t blame the other guy really.
~ Tati

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