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29 Nov 2023

Source: coser小梦 (weibo)
Post: 繁昌活动返图来咯,适合秋天的神仙汉服[挤眼]
出镜:小梦 @coser小羽 @如是观原创汉服
#国风吹万里 #带着微博逛漫展 #爱漫imcosplay返图大赛 #爱漫im文化
Fanchang activity back to the picture to come, suitable for the autumn of the fairy Hanbok [Squeeze eyes]!
Photo by: Xiao Meng @coserXiao Yu @RuYiKuan original Chinese dresses
Chinese dress: Ruyi Guan
#litthenationalwindblowstenthousandmiles #BringingTwittertoComicCon #LoveMangaimcosplaycontest #AimanimCulture
~ Tati

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