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03 Jan 2024

Source: 罗宏正_Wes (weibo)
Post: 夸3迎4的日子,谢谢所有相遇,珍惜所有别离,想做的事情还有好多,能使力的好像很少,日新月异的推,蜗行牛步的追,匆匆忙忙却又恍恍惚惚,总之一切安好,期许自己明年依然。 ​​​
Kwa 3 welcome 4 days, thank you for all the encounter, cherish all the parting, want to do a lot of things, can make the force seems to be very little, the ever-changing push, snail’s pace of the pursuit of the rush but also trance, in short, all is well, and I hope that next year is still.
~ Tati

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