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09 Jan 2024

Source: 連晨翔 Simon (Facebook)
Post: 最近的我開始對這個世界產生更多的好奇,很喜歡戶外生活,有空的時候,就開車去山上、去海邊走走。
開著HS PHEV感覺很舒適,累了可以在車上躺著看天窗休息,可油可電讓想探險的心更有彈性。
#MG #mgcar #HS #PHEV

Recently, I’ve become more curious about the world, and I love living outdoors. When I have time, I drive to the mountains and go to the seaside.
When I have time, I drive to the mountains and the seaside. I am immersed in every moment of change, free and easy, without too much constraints, without plans, everything relies on the power given by nature, and I go to explore with my heart’s feelings.
Driving the HS PHEV is very comfortable, and when I am tired, I can lie down on the car and rest by looking at the sunroof, and I can use either petrol or electricity to make my heart more flexible for exploring.
I’m also learning to follow my heart, to be more aware of what I want to be, and to set a promise for next year: “To be a man without limits”.
#mg #mgcar #HS #PHEV
~ Tati

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