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14 Jan 2024

Source: 王以纶RileyKing (weibo)
Post: 9️⃣年, 时间过的真快呀 … 磕磕绊绊也就成长到了现在. 这一年经历了各种各样的挑战, 虽然很艰难但是最终都克服了. 要感谢的人有很多, 尤其是在这条路上一直陪伴着我的你们. 希望你们能早日与我新的角色相见! 而我则会继续努力! 祝自己出道9周年快乐🎉 ​​​
9 ️year, time flies … stumbling to grow up to now. This year experienced a variety of challenges, although very difficult but finally overcome. I have a lot of people to thank, especially you guys who have been with me on this road. I hope to see you soon in my new role! And I’ll keep working hard! Happy 9th anniversary 🎉!
~ Tati

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