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19 Jan 2024

Source: 連晨翔-Simon (weibo)
Post: 大家常常说每到过年前,就被各大百货卖场的循环老派过年歌开始轰炸,但其实我是蛮喜欢的,因为那种快要过年 倒数放假的开心感觉,真的瞬间会被这些贺年歌充满。


#腊八怎么过 #接龙运行大运
​​​People often say that they are bombarded with old-school New Year’s Eve songs from major department stores before the New Year, but I actually like it because the feeling of counting down to the New Year’s Eve and being on holiday is instantly filled up with these New Year’s Eve songs.

It’s the Year of the Dragon, let me know if you have any good luck messages for the Year of the Dragon 😚!
#Howtocelebratethe8thdayofthe12thlunarmonth #tryonesluckwithasolitaire
~ Tati

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