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09 Feb 2024

Source: 林楓松ql (weibo)
Post: 归邪,他看似狂拽酷霸D炸天,心狠手辣,穷凶极恶,谁都不放在眼里,顶着大红口红和性感唇线的小嘴儿邪魅一笑的时候直接变身歪嘴战神 仿佛给你准备了一肚子坏水…
最后感谢制片人、导演可以给我这一次机会 😭❤️ 也感谢当时拍摄时的所有工作人员,大家辛苦啦,但这一切都值得 ❤️ 最后的最后也希望大家能够喜欢和认可我饰演的归邪哈哈哈,当然肯定还有不足的地方,我也一定会不断提高自己的演技,不断的去全方面进步成长,人生本就是一场修行,让我们一起加油!共勉~谢谢大家的支持!❤️❤️ #仙剑四剧集
Returning to the evil, he seems to be wildly cool and domineering D bomb days, ruthless, vicious, who do not put in the eye, the top of the big red lipstick and sexy lip liner of the mouth of the evil smile directly into a crooked-lipped God of War as if to give you ready a belly of bad water … …
But the real return to the evil, but not at all evil, but rather is the love and righteousness, the liver and gall, the heart of righteousness, have the responsibility to take responsibility, the clan is in danger when absolutely rushed to the first person, and from the beginning to the end of the firm defence of their own position, that is, so that the Dream Tapir tribesmen to avoid the war, no longer suffer from the pain of the war, you can always live happily ever after. 😭😭
So the evil in his early stage is just a manifestation of his former enemy, it’s more like a self-protection mechanism that opens up when he’s threatened, which is the kind of “I’m very mean and bad, don’t mess with us!”. So it’s not the real him, and it’s only at the end that it dawns on everyone that Return to Evil isn’t bad. This kind of great contrast between the former and later stages of the character is what makes the character fuller and more three-dimensional.
Lastly, I would like to thank the producer and director for giving me this opportunity 😭❤️ also thanked all the staff at the time of filming, everyone worked hard, but it’s all worth it ❤️ Finally, I hope that you can like and recognise my role as Returning to Evil hahaha, of course, there are still shortcomings, I will continue to improve my acting skills, and continue to make progress in all aspects of the growth of life is a cultivation, let’s! Let’s work together! Thank you for your support! ❤️❤️ #SwordAndFairy4DramaSeries
~ Tati

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