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28 Feb 2024

Source: 大峰吕昀峰 (weibo)
Post: #短剧陪你龙腾万里 活动开始啦,今天我是腾讯视频-短剧频道值班小编吕昀峰,我主演的精彩短剧《见好就收》正在热播,我在剧里饰演的是鉴石能力满分且左右逢源的阳光大男孩魏见好,快来腾讯视频-短剧频道领取宠粉福利,一起迎龙年,一路见到好! ​​​
Today I’m Lu Yunfeng, the duty editor of Tencent Video – Short Drama Channel, and I’m starring in the exciting short drama “Seeing Good”, which is now on air, in which I play the role of Wei Jianhao, a sunny boy who is full of ability to identify stones and is very persuasive, come to Tencent Video – Short Drama Channel to get the benefits of pampering your fans, and together we will welcome the Year of the Dragon, and see good things all the way!
~ Tati

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