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18 Mar 2024

Source: coser小梦 (weibo)
Post: 杭州漫展返图😄,久违的@W小小白W 这次是天真,果然铁打的小哥流水的吴邪 😂
摄影:@十迁以南_ @辛巴小霸王Symba
@ComicMe动漫嘉年华 @黑天视觉COS官博
#带着微博逛漫展 #新次元龙重登场
Post: Hangzhou Comic Con return picture 😄, a long time @W small white W this time it is naive, really iron small brother flowing water Wu Yi 😂
Photography: @TenChangeSouth_ @SymbaSymba
Post: @SpringSummerNoDye
@ComicMeAnimeCarnival @BlackSkyVisionCOSOfficialBlog
#BringingTwittertoComicCon #NewSubZeroDragonReEntry
~ Tati

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