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23 Mar 2024

Source: 赵志伟_Eden (weibo)
Post: 我太想回甘肃,回兰州,吃美食 甘肃好吃的太多了,没时间回去,排不上队自制麻辣烫,凑合一下🉐️
#想去甘肃的心达到了顶峰 #是时候去甘肃旅游了 #我的旅行碎片
​​​I want too much to go back to Gansu, back to Lanzhou, eat food Gansu delicious too much, no time to go back, can not line up homemade spicy hot pot, make do 🉐️
#ThedesiretogotoGansuhasreacheditspeak #ItstimetotraveltoGansu #Fragmentsofmytravels
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