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07 Apr 2024

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Post: #万玛才旦电影雪豹是关于生命的诗 在人与雪豹、人与规则、人与人之间的重重矛盾中,雪豹和人类的互动渐渐升温。这是万玛导演对世界的希冀,也是他留给我们的思考。电影4月3日新生上映,王旭在影院等你们。#万玛才旦电影雪豹终极海报
#ManmaTsetanfilmSnowLeopardItsapoemaboutlife ​​​ Amidst the heavy conflicts between human and snow leopard, human and rules, and human and human, the interaction between snow leopard and human gradually heats up. This is director Wanma’s hope for the world and the thoughts he leaves us with. The film is released on 3 April as a freshman, Wang Xu is waiting for you in the cinema. #ManmaTsetanfilmSnowLeopardUltimatePoster
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