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19 Apr 2024

Source: 赵志伟Eden (weibo)
Post: 你好,路岑阳:
品尚路岑阳,再会!#步步倾心 #步步倾心全员告别
Hello, Lu Cen Yang:
“Pinshang Lu Cen Yang, nice to meet you!”
I’m happy to have been you for a short time.
We met in the spring of ’23 and parted in the spring of ’24. All good things come together in the spring.
I still remember the first time I learnt about you from the script, to be honest, the pressure was really not small. Because to me, you seemed cold and heartless, thinking only of gains and losses, as if you were living in a breathless shell all the time. But I know that you are also someone who longs for love and strives to pursue happiness. Despite the family feud that forced you to carry everything and walk alone in the dark night, fortunately, you met the one who is willing to walk with you through the darkness and face the storm together. In the little moments you spent with her, I saw the tree in your heart, slowly growing from withered leaves, sprouting and becoming full of spring.
You know what? People say you “the sky is falling also have Lu’s mouth top”. But in fact, the hard mouth is just your protective colour. You are a very delicate and gentle person, a person who hopes to support a piece of sky for the one you love even if it is difficult for you. And you did.
I hope that we can all be on our respective paths of life has been always been determined to go on! Let’s cheer together!
Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who has helped me, the director and all the cast and crew mates, it’s your efforts that made Step by Step. Thank you to everyone who supported this drama, it’s your support and love that allowed Lu Cenyang to be seen by everyone, and I’m sure we’ll get better and better in the days to come!
Parting for a while is for a better encounter, may we all blossom along the way in the days to come!
Farewell, Pinsent Masons Lu Cen Yang!
#StepByStepLove #StepByStepLovefarewelltoallstaff
~ Tati

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