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13 May 2024

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Post: 【梦·游记】乌兹别克斯坦·布哈拉 — 夏宫
#乌兹别克斯坦 #旅行 #带着微博去旅行
Dream – Travelogue] Uzbekistan – Bukhara – Summer Palace
Sort of a niche attraction, but also the last ruler of Bukhara Emir’s residence, he used to study in St. Petersburg, so the palace is a blend of Russian and Bukhara traditional architectural elements, the palace is decorated with extremely gorgeous, which shows a variety of collectibles, the summer palace’s most famous attractions – the White Room, a transparent glass room placed a lot of fine oriental porcelain, but unfortunately when it rains! Cloudy days, if there is sunshine this hall must be more beautiful!
ps. into the door is a peacock garden 🦚, because of the rain, peacocks in the wind and rain messy from time to time howl a (miserable) 😭
#Uzbekistan #travelling #TravellingwithTwitter
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