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29 Aug 2018

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He is an ex-member of the boysband “Spexial”

Real name: 连晨翔
Romanization: Lian Chen Xiang
First name: Chen Xiang
Last name: Lian
English name: Simon Lian
Height: 182 cm
Date of Birth: January 3rd, 1992
Place of Birth: Taiwan, Taipei
Country: China
Nationality: Taiwanese
Starsign: Capricorn
Chinese Zodiac: Monkey
Profession: Singer, actor
Education: Ming Chuan University, Economics
Personality: Sunny with elegance, gentle with a bit of cynicism
Representative Color: Emerald Green
Hobbies: Learn about fashion, shop, watch movies, buy shoes
Specialty: Basketball, rap, good memory
Fan name: Peter Pan (小飛俠)
Ideal Type: Girls who are elegant and filial, girls with eye smile
Favorite color: Purple
Moto: It is only a dream if you do it yourself
Lucky number: 99
Wish for himself: Do well things within your responsibility, act well, sing well, do well in group activities
Most used phrase: What are we gonna eat later?

He was discovered while working at a clothing shop in East Side of Taipei City

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