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10 Oct 2018

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He is an ex-member of the boysband “Spexial”

Real name:羅弘証
Romanization: Luo Hong Zheng
First name: Hong Zheng
Last name: Luo
English name: Wes Luo
Height: 186 cm
Date of Birth: July 26, 1989
Place of Birth: Unknown
Country: Taiwan
Nationality: Taiwanese
Starsign: Leo
Chinese Zodiac: Snake
Profession: Singer, actor, model
Education: National Taiwan College of Performing Arts
Personality: Sentimental, easy going
Representative Color: Ruby Red
Favorite actor: Chang Chen (張震)
Favorite singer: Eason Chan (陳奕迅)
Favorite music: Easy music
Hobbies: Sleep, practice new things, likes challenges
Specialties: Beat box, little magic tricks, tumbling, sports, martial arts
Fan name: Red beans (紅豆)
Ideal Type: Lovely, kind, girls who are not fake
Dream: Hope family will be happy
Favorite movie genre: Sci-Fi (Science Fiction)
Favorite food: sweets, food from the convenient stores in Taiwan
Favorite season: Autumn
Lucky number: 7
Scariest food: Insects
Favorite color: Black
Most used phrase: Really?
Moto: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
Wish for himself: Finish it peacefully
Used to be a model under EeLin Modeling Agency Ltd.
Used to be a member of Wu Hu Jiang (debut 2009)
Has light asthma
Is oldest child in the family, has a younger brother
He thinks his shoulders are his best feature
He thinks the most important people are those who grow with you
Country he wants to visit the most is “universe”

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