// My Zhi Ming Cosplay
10 Jul 2021
My Zhi Ming wig arrived so I could make a full picture of my Zhi Ming Cosplay ~ Tati
Wig made by @Crafts n Cosplays/ CnC shop
Hair accesoires made by mimi clothing
Dress made by Elyon Cosplay
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// My Zhi Ming Cosplay dress arrived today
13 Nov 2020

~ Tati

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// So happy with the boots ❤
06 Oct 2019

~ Tati

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// Murong Li cosplay
06 Oct 2019

My Murong Li cosplay in action  ~ Tati




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// My Murong Li Cosplay
06 Oct 2019

My Murong Li Cosplay turning around ~ Tati




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// My Murong Li cosplay
05 Oct 2019

Murong Li says hello
#MurongLi #Cosplay #MenWithSword ~ Tati

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// My Murong Li dress arrived today
26 Jun 2019

😁 It doesn’t sit perfectly yet but wanted to show you guys anyway. Better pictures will come soon ~ Tati

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// Yeeeeey, My Murong Li first Cosplay dress is finished
12 Jun 2019

😁I’m so exciting to see it in real life. It looks so great. Thank you so much Elyon Cosplay for your hard and amazing work ❤️ ~ Tati

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// NEW update on my Murong Li Cosplay dress
14 May 2019

cannot wait to wear it ❤️ thnx Elyon Cosplay for making this, you have so great talent xx Tati

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// First part of my Murong Li dress is finished
07 May 2019

😍 So excited to see the whole dress ❤️ ~ Tati

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