// Preview supporting video Xiao Zhan
26 Aug 2020



Here is a preview of the supporting video for Xiao Zhan. You still can send messages to loveforasianactors@gmail.com
Deadline is 30 September 2020. I want to give it to him as birthday present. You can’t have a more beautiful present …

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// Murong Li Fan song
11 Jul 2020

A beautiful Murong Li fan song
Translations: thekingoftianxuan (tumblr)

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// Gongsun Qian Fan Song
03 Jun 2020

A very beautiful Fan Song about Gongsun. It describes hims so perfectly. Thnx again to The King of Tianxuan (Tumblr) and supersonic.sky (Instagram) for the subs ~ Tati

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// Fan Song about Zhi Ming and Murong Li
31 May 2020

A very sad but also very beautiful Fan Song about Murong Li and Zhi Ming. Spanish subs: Thnx thekingoftianxuan (Tumblr) English subs: @supersonic.sky (Instagram) ~ Tati

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// Murong Li cosplay
06 Oct 2019

My Murong Li cosplay in action  ~ Tati




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// My Murong Li Cosplay
06 Oct 2019

My Murong Li Cosplay turning around ~ Tati




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// The Support video for Zhu Jian
26 Feb 2019

Feel free to share it ~ Tati


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// Beautiful fan video about Murong Li & Zhi Ming
10 Dec 2018
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// One of my top favorite fan video
29 Nov 2018
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// This is well a very nice and lovely MWS fan video
29 Nov 2018
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