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23 Apr 2019

Thank you Daniella Tescione for sending those

  1. Ah-Li’s character is based on Emperor Murong Chong, who was well know for his beauty and cruelty.
  2. While playing Kiss, Marry, Kill with the rest of the cast, Zha Jie said that he will “kiss Yu Qing out of pity, marry Gonsung and kill Zhi Ming”
  3. All the characters are supposed to be teenagers between the ages of 14-18, but only one of the actors was a teenager in real life (little Ian, aka Xiao Qi), while the others were in their 20’s.
  4. Qian Yuan’s actor, Xiao Meng, is also a very talented cosplayer. He even take care of his own makeup during filming
  5. Ah-Li, Yu Qing and Yu Xiao are distant relatives (It’s hinted that Ah-Li is their uncle)
  6. Zhu Jian and Zha Jie used to dislike each other. They actually meet before their debut as both belong to the same agency, but their first encounter didn’t end well and they couldn’t stand each other. It was only after they were choosed as Zhi Ming and Ah-Li that their relationship improved a lot and they became besties
  7. The bandage in Zhong Kun Yi’s arm was only put there in order to hide Dylan’s tattoo
  8. When he was asked what character he would like to be paired with, Peng Yu Chang (Meng Zhang’s actor) said he -and his character- would still choose Zhong Kun Yi again and again, despite how much Meng Zhang suffered because of him.
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