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21 Mar 2019

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We are searching admins for our Website

We are looking for enthusiastic, passionately persons who love Men with sword and their actors. We look for persons who love and can work together in a team. People who are friendly and treat the fans and co team members with respect and love. We also search people who we can trust especially with private information like passwords. You do need to know the series of course and know some details of, a plus point would be if you know some stuff about the actors. We except you will be able to post so much as you can, we prefer every day. Do you see yourself in our team? Are you interested? Then send us an e-mail on menwithsword@gmail.com with the subject “Apply for Website Admin” 

First name:
Last name:
Preferred Admin name:
Time Zone:
Why you want to become admin:
What’s your motivation:

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