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28 Mar 2019

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Roleplaying is also very popular. Do you love to do a Men with sword roleplaying but don’t you find a roleplay partner then you can send us an email on menwithsword@gmail.com for asking to place an annoucement that you search one and leave a way how people can contact you and also what kind of genre xx

Meaning roleplaying:

A role-playing game is a game in which the participants assume the roles of characters and collaboratively create stories. Participants determine the actions of their characters based on their characterisation, and the actions succeed or fail according to a formal system of rules and guidelines. Within the rules, they may improvise freely; their choices shape the direction and outcome of the games.

Role-playing can also be done online in the form of group story creation, involving anywhere from two to several hundred people, utilizing public forums, private message boards, mailing lists, chatrooms, and instant-messaging chat clients (e.g., MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ) to build worlds and characters that may last a few hours, or several years. Often on forum-based roleplays, rules, and standards are set up, such as a minimum word count, character applications, and “plotting” boards to increase complexity and depth of story.

There are different genres of which one can choose while role-playing, including, but not limited to, fantasy, modern, medieval, steam punk, and historical. Books, movies, or games can be, and often are, used as a basis for role-plays (which in such cases may be deemed “collaborative fan-fiction”), with players either assuming the roles of established canon characters or using those the players themselves create (“Original Characters”) to replace—or exist alongside—characters from the book, movie, or game, playing through well-trodden plots as alternative characters, or expanding upon the setting and story outside of its established canon.

Status: beginner
Genre: based on MWS, ancient time, modern time no problem at all
Characters: I do any character but top favorite ones are Murong Li, Zhi Ming, Ziyu, Fang Ye, Yu Xiao, Xiao Qi & Jian Bin
Style: Don’t have really one, I follow the style of the person who I roleplay with
Storyline: In that I’m not so good in but we can talk about it, stand open for a lot of things
Contact: menwithsword@gmail.com; Facebook 
Wechat (my QR code)

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