// Support Project Zha Jie 2020
31 Mar 2020
****************Support Project Zha Jie 2020******************
Dear sweet fans
Like most of you probably notice that it doesn’t goes so well with Zha Jie. He barely smiles anymore and if he do then his eyes don’t smile with him. He goes throug a difficult time and it really breaks my heart to see him so broken and that is why I want to do something for him to cheer him a bit up and show him his fans love over the whole world, show him he is not alone in this dark period. I want to make a video for him were his fans say a short message about why they become fan of him, why they love him, what makes him special for them. So if you want to help me to support him and to show your love than write your message for him or if you want you can record yourself saying your message to him. The messages may in English or in Chinese. I would love to ask you guys to share it to so many people as possible and if someone wants to help me to translate this message in Chinese then don’t hesitate and take contact with me. Your messages can be send to menwithsword@gmail.com
Show Zha Jie some love. Let’s try to get his smile back. Let’s us be his light in the darkness for a change. xx Tati
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